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Diabetic Needs

Having a single source for all of your diabetic needs makes life much easier. At Hargraves Online Healthcare, we sell a variety of products for diabetics, including glucose tablets, lancets, homeopathic creams, vitamins, and other products to help you best manage your condition.

At Hargraves Online Healthcare, we offer a variety of lancets, including 28-, 30-, and 33-gauge options. These lancets are designed to fit most lancing devices and use a tri-bevel tip for maximum comfort.

You know the importance of having glucose tablets on hand in order to quickly raise low blood sugar. We offer glucose tablets—and in many flavors, including orange and raspberry. These tablets not only raise low blood sugar. They also give you an energy boost.

We also sell vitamins for diabetics, which include important vitamins and minerals, including ALA, GLA, biotin, carnitine, chromium, inositol, and others. These vitamins are beneficial for reducing diabetic neuropathy, pain, and other common health risks associated with the disease.

Whether you’re looking for lancets, glucose tablets, or the best vitamins for diabetics, you can count on Hargraves Online Healthcare to have exactly what you need. Browse our diabetic health products below.