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10 Sneeze Stopping Strategies (2019): Take Control of Allergy Season

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10 Sneeze Stopping Strategies (2019): Take Control of Allergy Season

Allergy symptoms are enough to drive anyone indoors. Unfortunately, as the climate changes, allergy season is getting longer. Fortunately, there are 10 ways you can stop sneezing right now, including visiting an online drugstore.

First, Make Sure It’s Allergies

Allergy symptoms typically pop up immediately following contact with a trigger. Nasal discharge from allergies will be clear, while colds will cause green or yellow discharge. If you’re sure you have allergies, here’s how to stop that annoying sneezing:

1. Control Your Exposure to Triggers

Check your local weather channel for pollen counts. Keep windows and vents closed to help pollen stay outdoors. Outside, avoid windy and dry days. Don’t hang laundry outside during high pollen counts, as it can hitch a ride indoors.

2. Try Natural Treatments

Wondering how to stop allergies immediately? Consider natural options. Acupuncture and reflexology can both be very effective, as they release your body’s own medicine. Rinsing sinuses with a neti pot or Deep Sea Premium Nasal Saline can wash pollen out, reducing irritation and sneezing.

3. Use Filters

Install filters in your home’s vents to trap pollen, and change them on a regular basis. You can also run a HEPA filter in your home and use a vacuum cleaner that has this filter in it.

4. Over-the-Counter Options

Many over-the-counter remedies exist to help stop sneezing. Mucus Relief for Sinuses helps relieve nasal congestion and, if you’re tackling multiple symptoms, Aller-chlor can provide allergy relief.

5. See an Allergist

An allergist can perform an allergy test for clues to your triggers and can give you an allergy shot to relieve sneezing and other symptoms for the long term.

6. Don’t Sleep with Pets

Pet dander may not trigger your seasonal allergies, but the pollen they bring inside can. If possible, try to keep pets off the bed if not out of the room.

7. Mow the Lawn Regularly

hand lawn mower lawn mowing mow meadow

The longer your grass is, the more likely it is to release pollen. Stay inside and delegate mowing to another family member or hire a helper. Either way, keeping grass cut is a great seasonal allergies treatment.


8. Shower Before Bed


It’s a good idea to shower before going to bed; this will remove sticky pollen from your skin and hair, reducing the likelihood of sneezing.

9. Nasal Steroids

If you’ve tried everything else with no success, a steroid product like Nasacort can relieve symptoms for 24 hours.

10. Consider Removing Carpeting

Carpeting is a major offender when it comes to allergy triggers. Your carpet can trap all common allergens deeper than many vacuums can reach. If you’re searching for a new look, replace your carpet instead of renovating.

End the Misery

Allergy season 2019 doesn’t have to be miserable. The level of your relief will depend on the quality and effectiveness of your treatment. Hargraves Online Healthcare is dedicated to providing the best allergy medicine, supplements, and more to help you manage your symptoms; discover us today.

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