Bisacodyl Uses

Frustration from constipation is a nagging problem for many.  Bisacodyl is used as an over the counter constipation medication.

Bisacodyl can also be used as a clean out medication before bowel surgery or bowel exams.

You don't have to just suffer through it. Browse the best bisacodyl tablets and bisacodyl suppository products below.

bisacodyl tablets 5mg tablets 100 count
Bisacodyl, 5 mg 1,000 Coated Tablets by Major

This stimulant laxative temporarily relieves occasional constipation. Adults and children 12 or older should take 1 to 3 tablets in one daily dose. Children under 12 should take 1 tablet in a single daily dose. With 1,000 tablets, you won't have to worry about running out!

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bisacodyl 5mg 100 tablets
Bisacodyl 5 mg, 100 Coated Tablets by Major

Although the 1,000 count tablets will last longer, perhaps you don't need that many; that's why we offer the 100 coated tablets. Both are 5 mg Bisacodyl tablets, but with fewer tablets, you get a lower price. 

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We Also Carry Bisacodyl Suppository Products

bisacodyl suppository 12 pack
Bisacodyl Suppository, 10 mg 12 Count (1 or 3 Pack) by Major

This Bisacodyl suppository offers gentle, predictable and fast relief for constipation. The once-daily Bisacodyl suppository comes in a 10 mg comfort size.

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Bisacodyl Suppository, 10 mg 100 count by Major

bisacodyl suppository 10 mg 100 count

Stock up on the 10 mg Bisacodyl suppository with this 100 count package. These Bisacodyl suppositories are fast acting, typically resulting in a bowel movement in 15 minutes to an hour.

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By Michelle Ryan


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