Most women have heard of menopause and have a basic idea of what it is—but understanding what is really going on in your body and what the symptoms are can make it easier to know when to try menopause supplements or other natural menopause remedies

Most women have heard of menopause and have a basic idea of what it is—but understanding what is really going on in your body and what the symptoms are can make it easier to know when to try menopause supplements or other natural menopause remedies

So, what are the symptoms of menopause? When can an online drugstore provide you some relief from those symptoms, and what can you do on your own to keep them under control? 

Let’s take a closer look so you can be as prepared as possible for the most common symptoms of this normal yet sometimes uncomfortable change. 

What Is Menopause?

Simply put, menopause is a decline in a woman’s reproductive hormones. The term itself can describe what a woman goes through before, during, and after menopause, which usually occurs in the 40s or 50s. 

The most notable sign of menopause is when a woman stops menstruating. This means she’s reached the end of the reproductive period of her life. 

Unfortunately, some of the symptoms of menopause can show up years before a woman’s last period. This is called perimenopause and has many of the same symptoms as actual menopause. What are some of the symptoms of both?

Hot Flashes

Hot flashes are probably the most well-known symptom for women going through menopause. The main cause of sudden feelings of heat comes from the decrease of estrogen in the body. Estrogen decreases gradually throughout menopause, so hot flashes can become worse and more frequent throughout the process, too. 

Keeping yourself as cool as possible is important, which is why an online health store can provide you with the supplements you need to fight off this common symptom and try to balance out your estrogen levels. Our Mason Natural Extended Release Menopause Trio supplement is a great way to fend off hot flashes and night sweats, thanks to a blend of calcium, flaxseed, soy extract, and black cohosh extract. 

Night Sweats

Night sweats are often another common problem for women dealing with menopause. Again, you can look at the best menopause supplement reviews to find what works for you, but there are also things you can do to reduce your risk of experiencing night sweats. 

Stay away from spicy or hot foods, don’t smoke, and limit your alcohol intake. Those can all be triggers, for both hot flashes and night sweats, and limiting them in your life can make the symptoms feel less severe.

Vaginal Dryness

Estrogen in the body keeps the walls of the vagina thick and naturally lubricated. When your estrogen levels start to drop during menopause, that moisture in the vagina starts to go away and vaginal dryness can become a problem. For women who experience this symptom, it can become quite uncomfortable. 

One of the best ways to fight back against vaginal dryness is with topical lubricants, changes to your diet, or with a natural supplement that contains estrogen. Exercising regularly can also help to improve vaginal dryness and increase natural lubrication. 

Mood Swings

Sometimes, a woman going through menopause might feel as though she has little control over her own emotions. That can be frustrating and can cause your emotions to feel even more “out of whack.”

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Mood swings are completely normal throughout this phase. Hormones are changing throughout the body, and your mind is trying to catch up and respond as quickly as it can. Again, it’s all about finding balance. 

You can find natural ways of feeling more balanced, including yoga and deep breathing exercises with meditation. Supplements meant to balance out your hormone levels can also make you feel more like yourself again. For some women, that means hormone therapy, which you should consult a doctor about before diving into it on your own. For others, a simple daily supplement can help to alleviate some of the most uncomfortable symptoms. 

Check Out Hargraves Online Healthcare for Menopause Supplements

The best vitamins for menopausal women should be as natural as possible and work to restore balance within your body. At Hargraves Online Healthcare, we carry a variety of different supplements and vitamins specifically formulated for women. If you’re going through any of the stages of menopause, including perimenopause or postmenopause, our supplements can help to get you through the changes you’re experiencing. Visit our online store today to find what works for you. 

By Jason Kraus


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