Whether you’re visiting a drug Store in person or checking out an online drugstore, there are certain OTC medicine options you should expect to find.

Whether you’re visiting a drug Store in person or checking out an online drugstore, there are certain OTC medicine options you should expect to find.

Over the counter drugs are used for a variety of different reasons. They can help with everything from allergies and Arthritis to the common cold and pain & fever. These medications are being redeveloped all the time to give you the relief you need, no matter what might be ailing you.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at some of the top-selling OTC drugs of 2019, so you can know what to use when you’re feeling lousy (and where to get them!).

1. Allergy and Sinus Medication

Spring has sprung, which means allergy season is upon us! Whether you’re sneezing and sniffling due to pollen, ragweed, or your girlfriend’s cat, suffering from allergies can be a nightmare.

That’s why every pharmacy should have strong, effective allergy and sinus medications. Allergy medicine is designed to prevent histamines from attaching to your body (from different allergens), so you don’t experience such serious symptoms. Allergy medications like corticosteroids help to reduce inflammation that is often caused by an allergic reaction.

2. Aches, Pains, and Arthritis

Every pharmacy should have a wide variety of analgesics to choose from. Analgesics help to provide pain relief in different ways.

Whether you’re dealing with muscle aches from sports, a minor headache, topical pain, or even discomfort due to arthritis, analgesics can help. Because they help with such a large spectrum of pain, analgesics come in many different forms, including tablets, roll-on ointments, patches, and more.

3. Antacids and Digestive Health

Everyone wants to believe they have an iron stomach, but, after that fourth slice of pepperoni and jalapeno pizza, you might be second-guessing yourself. Thankfully, that’s where antacids & digestive health medicines come in.

These medications are designed to help you find relief from things like heartburn and an upset stomach. They can even help if you’re having trouble going to the bathroom regularly, in the form of stimulant laxatives.

Whether you’re dealing with discomfort from diarrhea or you need relief from gas pains, buying antacids online can be an easy way to get what you’re looking for quickly and discreetly.


4. Cough, Cold & Flu

man holds his hand to the stomach from pain or hunger

Even though flu season rolls around once a year, it can start to feel like it lasts all year for some people. On top of that, you never know when the common cold will rear its ugly head in your life again. Whether you touched a dirty doorknob or your co-worker has been sneezing next to you all day, it’s nearly impossible to completely avoid getting these common (yet annoying) illnesses.

Thankfully, cough, cold, and flu medications can help. These OTC medications are designed to do everything from soothing a sore throat to clearing out your nasal passages. If you have a cold or the flu and you can’t risk being “down for the count,” it’s important to take medication early on so you can feel better quickly and get on with your day!

5. Pain & Fever

Getting sick often comes with aches, pains, and even a fever. You might have the chills one minutes and feel as though you’re burning up the next. On top of it all, it can feel difficult to even get out of bed because your muscles are so sore.

No matter what might be causing your pain and fever, you’ll want to find relief as quickly as possible. Pain and fever reducers are some of the most common OTC medicines in pharmacies and online drug stores because they work so well in getting people back on their feet. You don’t have to keep living with pain every time you get sick when you have one of these medications on hand!

From the Pharmacy to Your Medicine Cabinet

This OTC drugs list is just a small sampling of what you should easily be able to find in a pharmacy. Of course, you can find all of these and more at Hargraves Online Healthcare, and they’ll be shipped directly to you.

By ordering your over the counter medication online, you can get exactly what you need, compare different products, and order as often as you’d like from the comfort of your own home. It’s easy to build up your medicine cabinet with the most useful OTC medications, so you’ll never have to worry about feeling low for long!

By Jason Kraus


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